What’s in My Bath?!

Whats in My Bath


Hey Lovelies!

I have to get out some much-needed “What’s in my Bath?” bath posts so I can review some things for you!

This week I’m featuring some awesome products from my #26 Memebox, MaskerAide, and Lush! Let’s explore my bath tub!

Barbanie Shea Butter Hand Cream in White Lily (follow the link to select a box and upgrade to FREE SHIPPING) – This hand cream has a light scent and is very thick. Perfect for anyone who has super dry skin, or if you want a little extra. I wouldn’t recommend for everyday use.

MaskerAide Beauty Rest’ore Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask – I love sheet masks and I love hydrating masks. MaskerAide provides the best of both worlds with their hydrating facial sheet masks. They provide tons of treatment options. This one restores, regenerates and repairs.

Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb – I know that the photo features Sparkly Pumpkin, but I filled my bath, then I realized I never used the bubble bar :( So, I used Northern Lights instead. If you follow on Instagram you saw the video of it being used.

People Style Watch Magazine – One of my favourite magazines for tracking trends, seeing some new products (often before they hit shelves in Canada) and finding out a new beauty tip or two.

Freaky Friday: Mad Hatter Makeup

Hey Lovelies!

Can we just take a moment to thank Tim Burton for his amazing, crazy movie characters? Like the awesome portrayal of the Mad Hatter? I mean honestly, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was a makeup and costume artists wet dream (sorry, I never claimed this blog was PG13).


Let’s just go ahead and say it: Johnny Depp seems to take to makeup rather well. I mean, just look at the characters he plays.

Anywho – I was asked to take part in a Mad Hatter Tea Party themed photoshoot and I made sure to practice on my very patient and accepting little sister before I attempted the makeup look on a complete stranger; who was depending on this shoot for her business.

Mad Hatter Inspired Makeup on Exquisitely Chic


Shameless bragging: isn’t my sister gorgeous?!? If I didn’t love her so much, I’d hate her.

The super awesome thing about the Mad Hatter is you can go crazy with colour and not have to worry about it being overboard, since the Mad Hatter is overboard himself!

Mad Hatter Inspired Makeup by Exquisitely Chic


I did a dark purple on the lid, then a blue in the crease and to the outer corner of the brow. I kinda flicked it up a little to give it shape. I made sure to leave some space in between the blue shadow and the brows though. I added a bright pink colour below the bottom lash line and took it down quite far, then made sure to add nice, black eyeliner all the way around the eyes.
You could do the brows in any colour really, but I decided to go with an orange colour to stay true to Mr. Hatter.

And don’t forget some crazy lashes!

I finished off the look with bright pink blush contoured with a little purple eyeshadow and a bright pink lipstick.



What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!

Steal the Look with Wet n Wild!

Hello Lovelies!

I have an awesome post for you guys today! You’ve probably heard of wet n’ wild – it’s an amazing budget-friendly brand that has recently released an app that allows you to use a photo to figure out what products you need or “Steal the Look“.

Steal the Look with Wet N Wild


As you saw on Instagram┬áthis is the look I decided to steal. According to the app, the products on the left are all products I can use to get the look. Let’s see how it did!

Steal the Look with Wet N' Wild


I think we almost nailed this look right on the head – don’t you beauties? Would you like to steal your own look and have the chance to win your own? I’ll show you how!

Download the app HERE - or search “Steal the Look” in your app store.

Choose a photo and select “camera roll” or “gallery” from the main page of the app. It will work best if you choose a photo with eyes and lips in the photo.

Steal the Look with Wet N' Wild


This photo doesn’t show the lips :( but you can move the photo within the box to get just the right colour, and move the slider as well. You just tap and the colour shows up.

Steal the Look with Wet N' Wild


Do the same with the upper lid and crease.

Steal the Look with Wet N Wild


After you choose your colours, you’ll be asked to choose your skin tone – then an awesome little graphic will show up and your look will be created with a product list!


Steal the Look with Wet N Wild


How awesome is that?!?! Wanna try for yourself?

Once you’ve curated your look using the app, take a screenshot of the final outcome (the photo above) and upload it to Pinterest or Instagram and use the hashtag #CBBStealTheLook feel free to tag me and Wet N’ Wild too (we’re both on Instagram)! Then get the URL for the post and come back here to enter the giveaway! You can repeat this every day for the next two weeks! Are you ready to Steal the Look with Wet n Wild?! Get going!

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