I Took the Stayfree Challenge!

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve been known to write about feminine hygiene products before, see my o.b. tampon giveaway HERE and my mensie cup review HERE.

Today is slightly different than your typical review. Have you ever wished you could perform those tests done on pads in the commercials? The ones where they pour the blue liquid on the pad and then test the absorbency with a blotting paper? Well, I lucked out, lovelies! I got to perform this test and witness the real-time results for myself.
I’m making it big in this world, I tell ya!

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Fall Lovin’ Guest Post with Ivory Avenue

Hi Lovelies!

Today we have a special treat here on the blog! Natalie is visiting from Ivory Avenue to talk about her Fall Beauty Trends for 2014! Are you excited? I sure am! Go visit Natalie’s blog and show her some social love too! XOXO


Hi everyone! My name is Natalie, and I blog over at Ivory Avenue. Ivory Avenue is a collection of beauty, fashion and lifestyle – though this is a rough definition. I really blog about whatever tickles my fancy.

As part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers monthly guest posting, I’m here chatting about my favourite beauty items for Fall. I basically went through my makeup collection and chose items that were darker than I normally go for.

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Hello There, Yes, You


You might be coming to visit from “Wedding Rings to Teething Rings”. In which case, I say “Welcome”!
I’m so happy you wanted to stop by for a gander. Here on Exquisitely Chic my main topic is beauty.  Sometimes I’m posting beauty tips, other times it’s makeup looks and sometimes it’s a simple review. Every now and then I like to treat my readers to a look into my life. Maybe a DIY project, a story about what’s going on. You’ll soon be able to take a front-row seat at the splendour that was my wedding.

I’m also a founding member of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers – a network of beauty bloggers, located across Canada that have all come together to bring you the best in the beauty world. Neat right?

I’m a licensed aesthetician and professional makeup artist who does freelance makeup artistry in the Ottawa, Ontario area. When I’m not freelancing, I’m here at home taking care of our new puppy, our cat, writing for all you lovely people and trying to learn how to be a good house wife (it’s a process, let me tell you).

If you’re a regular here on the blog, you’re likely wondering why I’m writing this post. Today I’m guesting on “Wedding Rings to Teething Rings” about my recent posting and how it all went down!!! Click her header below to go show Lindsay some love and take a look-see. ;)

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The Tiniest Tampons You’ll Ever See (TMI)

Hi Lovelies!

*Stay Tuned below for a GIVEAWAY!!!!*

Until recently I was a regular menstural cup user. I threw away mine and recently had to switch back to using tampons.
I have used tampons almost my entire life, aside from a brief period (pun totally intended) where I was suffering from ovarian cysts and it was super painful.
I’ve tried almost every brand and there were ones I liked, and ones I didn’t; but there was one brand I simply never really gravitated to, until now. That was o.b. tampons.

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