Jealous Body Scrub Review – Things I Adore

Hello Lovelies!

In the next little while I’m going to be making some life changes – and hopefully that will mean more blogging! YAY! I hope ya’ll are being understanding and enjoying the posts that are coming up. Today I have a gem of a post for you about a gem of a product!

I tried my best to get good photos – alas, I don’t have any help for the photos and the hot water only lasts so long. <3 Enjoy anyways!

Jealous Body Scrub

Look what joined me in the shower today! Jealous Body‘s Jealous Body Scrub ($17.95 CAD). And what’s been joining me for a couple weeks now.

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I Have A Crush….

Helllooo lovelies!

The title got you good didn’t it? I DO have a crush though! On The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Nail Polish Spring 2015 releases!

The arrival of spring products has me feeling all warm inside – despite how cold it still is outside. It’s March Canada – get with the program.

At least the bright colours can cheer us up right?! You already saw in one of my previous posts that I LOVE The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Nail Polish. It goes on smooth, dries nicely and the pigment is dreamy. Full-coverage and little to no streaks? YES PLEASE! The new colours are no different, and even though yellow doesn’t seem to suit my skin tone the formula is still just as fabulous. I wish I could pull off yellow tones – they look so pretty in the bottle.

Colour Crush Mad About Blue“Mad About Blue” is actually a gorgeous blue shade that I really love! I don’t have many blue polishes in my collection so this one was a welcome addition; and look at it shine. For realz guys – this ones a keeper. Continue reading →

Your Skin: Bringing Products to Life

Good morning lovelies!

Oh boy does it feel good to have a chance to actually write! After having to spend a couple hours correcting issues on my website’s WordPress side of things I can finally write a post without being interrupted by “Internal Server Errors” that were vague and gave me zero information. Ugh.

Anywho – I’m so excited to share with you this awesome product: The Body Shop Ultimate Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick ($15)!

I received the email for The Body Shop’s Spring releases and was immediately enraptured by the spring cosmetics collection! There are so many pretty colours available and I wanted all of them. Perhaps I’m yearning for spring a little. James tells me next week we’re supposed to see plus temperatures. Looks like I’ll be moving some boxes in the basement – apparently military housing floods in the spring. Healthy.

I was sent the ultimate in The Body Shop’s new cosmetics – literally. The Ultimate Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick is my favourite TBS release since their nail polish was released (and pssst… there’s some new ones of those too)! If you need a multipurpose product in your cosmetic bag go out and get this now.

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